In what Metro station was a child born on Thursday?

A woman was arrested this week in connection with incidents involving incidents of vandalism at local landmarks, including the National Cathedral, with what color paint?

The Capital City Care dispensary this week made the District of Columbia’s first legal marijuana sale in at least 75 years. According to Mike DeBonis of The Washington Post, the first customer bought three of the dispensary’s four available strains. Which strain did the patient NOT buy?

Which of the strains currently offered by the Capital City Care dispensary won 1st place in the Hydro Cup at the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup?

What’s the deadline for D.C. cabs to install credit card readers in their vehicles?

Former U.S. Senator Harry Byrd died this past week at his home in Winchester, Va. In what year did Byrd win his first election to the United States Senate in Virginia?

In other recent news from the obituaries, peace advocate, Broadway figure and self-declared “World Citizen No. 1” Garry Davis died in late July. Davis once ran for mayor in the District of Columbia and received 585 votes. In what year did that race occur?

In late July, The Washington Post reported that Joseph Steffen, a former aide to former Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich, has completed a novel titled “Death, Wish.” Steffen was forced to resign after acknowledging posting rumors to the Internet about the personal life of current Gov. Martin O’Malley. What nickname did Steffen become known by during the Ehrlich administration?

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, a guest on this week’s Politics Hour, recently injured himself playing softball. What’s the name of the softball team for which Gray has played and coached for more than two decades?

On the softball field, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray throws with which hand?